Top Alternatives to Quake: The Offering for Mac

Quake: The Offering

Quake: The OfferingFree

A horror first-person-shooter with horror and gore

The Quake games were popular because they took lessons from Unreal Tournament, Doom and Duke Nukem. The Quake developers created a three-dimensional monster killing game that looked and worked very well. Quake: The Offering looks old and poorly textured compared to modern games, but the 3D levels worked better than most 3D games in the late 90s. Shoot your way through each location and kill the monsters before they rip you apart. The Quake games gained a reputation for having nasty brown and dingy color schemes, and Quake: The Offering doesn’t disappoint on that point. Quake: The Offering is suitable for people who want a quick point-and-shoot game that doesn’t require thinking or tactics.

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