polyhedra 1.1.3

Serene, shape-shifting experience


  • Blissful gaming environment
  • Challenging gameplay
  • 'Toy box' practice area


  • Gets quite repetitive

Very good

Not all videogames need to involve haring around at high speeds destroying everything in sight. In fact some of the best games are the simple ones where things are done at a leisurely pace.

That's certainly the case with polyhedra, a bizarre, yet enthralling puzzle/strategy game in which your mission is to create floaty shapes within a dreamlike environment. You have a set number of shapes to use on each level, and must fill a certain percentage of the total screen space with these shapes in order to progress to the next level.

Creating shapes is easy and quite enchanting. You simply hold your finger on the screen and the shape will expand until you release it. Let it go and it will float to the bottom of the screen. You can tilt your screen through any direction in order to move the shapes around. This is useful because polyhedra is full of baddies - little shapes that fly about the screen and that will burst your shape if they touch it while you're still making it. By moving your shapes around you can trap them, leaving you room to build more shapes in peace.

The animation is polyhedra is delightful, and the way that stuff floats about the screen is very hypnotic. This, coupled with a blissful ambient music soundtrack, makes you feel like you're locked inside a beautiful dream.

In terms of the gameplay in polyhedra, it does get a tad repetitive, but you'll be so mesmerized by the psychedelic colors that you won't care.

Bug fixes The Main Menu highlight now defaults to Play instead of How to Play


  • Bug fixes The Main Menu highlight now defaults to Play instead of How to Play

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polyhedra 1.1.3

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