PocketDay 5.6

Personal information Manager and start page for Blackberry

PocketDay is a full featured Personal Information Manager and Utility application suite developed specifically for color BlackBerry devices. It supports all color Blackberries with OS version 4.0 and higher.

The Today Summary page features include:

  • Completely configurable - rearrange the order of everything!
  • Set your colors
  • Show details (max number of items to show is configurable)
  • Read and Reply to email directly within PocketDay
  • All Sections are Collapsible / Expandable

Other features include:

  • Speed Dial direct from within PocketDay
  • Redial a missed call (highlight it, press the trackwheel and select Call)
  • Hotkey access to many of the built in BB apps
  • Won't lessen your battery life (using certain backlight options may use more battery)
  • Turn the Backlight on when you take the BB out of the holster
  • Turn the Backlight on when an Alarm sounds
  • Change the Reply-To address field when using the BlackBerry Web Client
  • Use PocketDay as your Standby screen

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PocketDay 5.6

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