Nokia PC Phone

Nokia PC Phone 1.20

Connecting Nokia Phones to PC

Nokia PC Phone is a Utilities software developed by Nokia Beta Labs. The software provides an integrated PC setup environment to manage files, messages and calls from any Nokia phones.

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  • Track contact list from Nokia phones
  • Send and receive text messages on computers
  • Answer calls as long as a microphone is connected to the computer
  • Access stored images and music


  • Works exclusively with certain Nokia phone models
  • Has limited characters for message entering
  • Takes time to connect
  • Cannot list any new contacts added to phone after syncing

Very good

Nokia PC Phone is a Utilities software developed by Nokia Beta Labs. The software provides an integrated PC setup environment to manage files, messages and calls from any Nokia phones.

For Managing Nokia Phones

Since the late 90s, most Nokia Phone are packaged with Nokia PC Phone to do various tasks on computers. This software is released to assist any users who has a missing phone management software enclosed with their Nokia phones. Users can manage their Nokia phones anywhere they are as long as they are beside with their personal computer and even laptop. It can synchronize most Nokia phones to any computer with the software installed in it. They can do every activities that are normally done with a modern smartphone.

Computers with Nokia’s Functionalities

The software easily syncs up with most Nokia phones through a USB cord. Users simply plug the cord between the Nokia phone and the computer and run the software. It will eventually launch its built-in Connected Wizard that undergoes with a fast and systematized step by step process. Users then are allowed to use their Nokia phone directly on their computer. This is very helpful if they find their Nokia phone difficult to navigate, the screen is broken, the buttons are unresponsive or the device lags badly. Another method available for syncing with Nokia phones is via Bluetooth connection, as long as the device has a compatible Bluetooth feature. Using a Bluetooth connection is handy if the USB cable is short or there are too many cables dangling on the computer. Users can freely move their Nokia phones as long as it stays on the computer’s Bluetooth range.

Texting and Calling at Computers

Although limited on syncing with certain Nokia phone models, this software allows sending of text messages even if the user’s Nokia phone is not physically available beside them. This is ideal for instances where their Nokia phone is left unintendedly or it is being charged. Users can also receive, read and respond to new text messages as long as their Nokia phone is synced with the software. They must be reminded that they have only limited characters to send at their personal contacts. Recipients of messages from this software will get the same message template similar to a mobile device. Other than text messages, the software alerts users if they will receive a call. They can decide whether to answer it or not. They have to make sure that a dedicated microphone is connected on the computer. The software allows access to contact lists saved on their Nokia phones. Users can get the number of their closest contact right away. If their Nokia phone ran out of battery or went missing, they can use this software to find numbers without memorizing them at all. Users can also access their Nokia phone’s multimedia files stored inside. They can browse personal photos, as well as listen to the music playlists. The software runs smoothly even if users are opening other applications on their computer.

Utilizing Nokia Phones with Computers

Nokia PC Phone gives computers the capacity to receive text messages and calls. It cuts down the cumbersome process of using Nokia phones at home or anywhere as long as users keep their devices synced with computers.

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Nokia PC Phone


Nokia PC Phone 1.20

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