Macaroni 2.1.1

Automated system maintenance


  • Create and schedule new jobs
  • Run all at once or separately
  • Log window
  • 5 default jobs


  • Configuring new jobs can be difficult

Very good

Nestled in your preferences folder, Macaroni can allow you to create and schedule maintenance jobs on your Mac. Already fitted with 5 default jobs (3 UNIX and 2 Mac) the program can run all of them at once or separately.

You can see every action that Macaroni is performing from the bottom log window.

Creating and configuring new jobs is not that easy though, as you'll have to have a script or maintenance file available to select.

You can add restrictions in your schedule and set jobs to launch at very precise times. Macaroni is a useful tool to keep your Mac clean at all times.

Macaroni is a tool which handles regular maintenance for Mac OS X, including the Mac OS X repair privileges process as well as Unix-style maintenance.



Macaroni 2.1.1

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