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Controlling the amount of spending or outgoings from your household can be a full time job, especially if you have a large family.

That's why iMoney is an interesting application (despite to geeky sounding Apple name) which can help even those who are bad with money to control what's going in and out of their accounts and what they're spending and where. Everything is done for you so all you have to do is enter data such as your income, expenses and then the program automatically shows you where most of your money is going. In this way, you can easily identify areas where you need to tighten your belt or perhaps be careful with what you're spending.

The program generally monitors most kind of spending from bills to direct debits although you can create special fields for unusual costs and expenses. Ultimately, the pie charts and graphs are very useful in helping you manage your money. You can even track and analyse the performance of your investments and how they relate to your household spending.

For anyone who finds they've always got more going out than coming in but can't work out why, iMoney is an ideal tool for the non accountants out there.

iMoney is an intuitive personal finance software, budget manager, money manager and spreadsheet application. Simplify your finances with iMoney, the groundbreaking personal finance software!

Whether you want to organize your finances, manage your budget, track your portfolio, or just automatically balance your checkbook, iMoney is the solution for your personal finance software

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