Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels

Get to the finish line in one piece


  • Huge variety of different levels
  • Ability to change keyboard controls
  • Great for dark humor enthusiasts


  • Not always clear what's going on
  • Freezes up occasionally


Happy Wheels is an arcade game with a dark humorous twist.

In the spirit of games like QWOP, you control the character you're playing with various keys on your keyboard. These are fully customizable if you want to change them in your preferences. The object of Happy Wheels is to get your character through each level as quickly as possible while completing a variety of prompted tasks.

There are a variety of different levels in Happy Wheels where you can do anything from drive a race car to putter around on a segway. Controls are relatively easy, although it does take a few tries to figure out how to make your player move in the exact way you want him to. Every time you hit an obstacle in Happy Wheels, you'll be prompted with text to perform certain keyboard functions in order to move on.

Happy Wheels can be a bit gory, in a cartoon kind of way. For example, in one level when your character is transported back to prehistoric times, a non-playable character gets eaten by a dinosaur, at least partially. His limbs are left behind in a spray of pixellated blood you have to drive your segway through. It's nothing too graphic, but Happy Wheels might not be appropriate for younger children as a result. The game also sometimes freezes up, making your character's movements stick occasionally.

Happy Wheels is an utterly random (and a little bit gory) browser game that will provide considerable amusement.

Happy Wheels


Happy Wheels

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  • by Anonymous

    i hate this.
    it says i don't have downloader to open happy-wheels.swf so i need to get one, what should i use.   More