FishPhone 1.0

Make sure your fish is sustainable!


  • Ranking and A-Z
  • Recipes and wine suggestions
  • Helps you eat responsibly


  • No photos of fish
  • Very US-oriented


FishPhone is a useful iPhone app for people who like to eat or cook fish on a regular basis.

If you keep up to date with the news, you’ll know that certain types of fish are getting into trouble. Certain fishing methods and over-extraction mean that stocks of certain fish are getting low. If we want to save them from extinction, we’ll have to stop eating them – at least for long enough to give them a chance to recover.

That’s all very well, but how are you meant to know which fish are OK and which are on the danger list? Well, that’s where FishPhone comes in. This iPhone app contains a searchable list of common fish. Each fish has an entry, briefly describing it, and letting you know how advisable it is to eat it. Some fish also have recipes, and most come with a wine recommendation.

FishPhone also has a glossary of common fish terms, a health guide and a note from the developer of the app describing why he thinks it is necessary. Although not mindblowing, FishPhone is undoubtedly a good app for environmentally-aware shoppers to have with then when they are out and about. The FishPhone rankings are ordered alphabetically and by how sustainable they are, which makes assessing both eating out and cooking in really easy.

Like eating or cooking fish? Then FishPhone is a must-have!

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FishPhone 1.0

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