FaceSDK is a software development kit that lets you add facial recognition features to your desktop and web applications.

Compatible with 32- and 64-bit apps in multiple platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux) FaceSDK enables you to use facial recognition technology in your software, so that you can develop apps to authenticate users with webcams, find matching faces on multiple images, recognize people in graphic editors or create morphing and animation effects.

FaceSDK can be used both on online and desktop applications, anywhere where accurate facial recognition is required – from funny face animation effects to biometric authentication for high-security systems.

This SDK includes several samples in different programming languages (Microsoft Visual C++, C#, Visual Basic and more) for testing purposes, as well as a demo to test all the SDK’s possibilities right away.

With FaceSDK you can add face-based biometric features to the applications you develop.



FaceSDK 3.0

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