English Country Tune

English Country Tune 1.0

A tough but atmospheric and innovative 3D puzzle game


  • Looks and sounds great
  • Genuinely challenging
  • Unique


  • Some puzzles are very hard

Very good

English Country Tune is a 3D puzzle game by indie developer Increpare. If you like to give your brain a workout, this will certainly challenge you.


Controlling a flipping paddle, which can flip-flop around the 3D cube structures that make each level of English Country Tune, pushing various objects around to complete the puzzles. It's easiest to watch the video below!

Each new puzzle mechanic is explained as its introduced, but the challenge is soon ramped up. I found I had to stop and come back to some puzzles later. Thankfully there are no 'lives' in the game, and you can restart any level with the 'R' key, and use 'Z' as an undo if you make a mistake.

Graphics and sound

English Country Tune looks and sounds great. Sound is mainly ambient, but really help create an unusual and slightly tense atmosphere, while the slightly blurry graphics look great and move really well. It's important with 3D puzzle games that everything is clear, and English Country Tune achieves that, while also being very attractive.

Is this really for me?

English Country Tune is a well designed and fun to play puzzle game that is well worth playing. Try out the demo, as the unusual atmosphere might not be to everyone's tastes, and it does get tough!

English Country Tune


English Country Tune 1.0

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