Clear All History

Clear All History 7.7

Remove all evidence of your Internet usage


Clear All History (clear Internet history software) lets you clear different tracks of Internet activity in Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox and Opera - you can clear browser history, forms AutoComplete, clear address bar history, delete search history (Yahoo search history, Google search history, etc), clear toolbar search history, clear index.dat files content, delete index.dat files, clear browser cache (delete Temporary Internet files), delete stored passwords, delete cookies.

ClearAllHistory also clears Windows history - clears Temporary Folders (Temporary files directory), clipboard, deletes Recycle Bin content and Recent documents history, clears Windows Run History (recently run programs list), Windows search history, Start Menu open programs history, clears view preferences for desktop and windows you opened, recently open/save files list, allows disable the Recently Used Documents from access without deleting the list of Recently Used Documents.

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Clear All History


Clear All History 7.7

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  • by Anonymous

    Was OK.
    Worked fine for a few months. Got a new computer and had to re-install. It had a virus with the new up...   More