Very good

I love nothing more than a few hands of the ultra-competitive big-spending
poker, but I'm no good at it and allways lose my money. However with this game it doesn't matter: the money's not real and the action is good fun, so losing is OK. If you don't know the rules for Texas Hold'em then don't worry. They're very easy and there's a list of instructions. Just find out what hand beats what and you're away.

The game pits you against several opponents, each with a thumbnail of their poker face and each with a different personality. The betting is very easy. Just lick on 'Action' and then 'Check', 'Raise' or 'Fold' depending on how good your hand is. The one problem is that it all moves a little slowly once you know what you're doing.

Aces Texas Hold'em – Limit


Aces Texas Hold'em – Limit 1.3.24

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