Lost Photos for Mac available for free today

Lost Photos for Mac available for free today

I recently tested and reviewed Lost Photos, a desktop app for Windows PCs that has been incredibly useful in helping me locate and organize lost photos in my Gmail account. For someone who’s been using Gmail as long as I have (and who will freely admit to not being the best at deleting or filing away old messages), Lost Photos was a lifesaver for finding photos that I’d sent or that had been sent to me since I opened my account back in 2007.

Lost Photos is free on Windows PC and generally costs $2.99 in the Mac App store for Mac users. For today only though, Lost Photos for Mac is free.


After installation and launch, all you have to do is enter the email address (plus login credentials) you want to search and Lost Photos will go to town, finding any photo attachments that exist within your account. The process can be lengthy if you have a lot of messages, but the app is lightweight so you can multi-task while it’s running.

Once images are found, Lost Photos will automatically store the photos it discovers in a folder on your computer. You can also share them via Facebook, Twitter or, maybe a little ironically, via email.

If you’re looking for images within certain date, size, or file type perimeters, Lost Photos will let you customize your search accordingly.

Lost Photos works with email accounts on Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL, and .Mac, MobileMe, and iCloud.

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Lost Photos for Mac is available today for free through the Mac App Store. It is also available all weekend for a discounted rate of $0.99.

Have you given Lost Photos for Windows or Mac a try? If so, how are you liking it?

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